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Information about Big Fun(k)
A Groove/Jazz/Soul Journey!

Big Funk Info
Featuring Don on tenor sax and alto flute
Karl Latham on drums   
Nick Rolfe on keyboards
Gary Foote on bass

Track Listing (Click the track name (if linked) to listen)
(Compositions by Don Braden except as noted:)
1.    High Rise
2.    Deja Vu (Beyonce)
3.    A Foote in the Door (Nick Rolfe)
4.    Having a Ball (Solo saxophone interlude)
5.    Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (the Beatles)
6.    The Funky View
7.    Heads Up
8.    Confusion (Nick Rolfe)
9.    Song for Mother
10.  Grover Miles

About the CD:

High energy, hard grooving, and FUN, this “live” CD features hot originals and new twists on some classics. Take a Groove/Jazz/Soul Journey with this music!

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Below are a some quotes about Big Fun(k) Live:

"The album title is spot-on: This band is nothing if not fun—and genuinely cooperative. You get the picture that each player is listening to the others and responding for the benefit of the whole."
-- Owen Cordle (JazzTimes)

"My favourite tune is the last track on this album 'Grover Miles' is very funky with fabulous synth sounds/cords, superb bass play and luckily lasting nine minutes!"
-- Mark Berbiers (

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Upcoming Performances:
October 31: Shanghai Jazz, Madison, NJ, with Oscar Perez on keyboards and Gary Foote on bass.
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Don Braden and Karl Latham's Big Fun(k) explores new territories in jazz and funk with hard-hitting grooves, clever riffs and sophisticated harmonies. The band's repertoire consists of classic songs by Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Earth Wind & Fire, Beyoncé, and others, as well as rich, grooving original compositions. The core group -- Don Braden on tenor sax and flute, Karl Latham on drums, Nick Rolfe on keyboards and Gary Foote on bass -- has "big fun" exploring this music with wit, energetic interaction, and soulfulness. The CD "Big Fun(k) Live" is available now, and a new CD is in the works, slated for release in Fall/Winter 2016/2017.

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