In the Spirit of Herbie Hancock

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Don Braden/Joris Teepe – In the Spirit of Herbie Hancock, on OAP Records, recorded live in the Netherlands, a collection of unique arrangements of songs composed by or in tribute to the incredible Herbie Hancock.


Don Braden on tenor sax, flute, and alto flute,

Joris Teepe on bass,

Ron Van Bavel on piano, and

Owen Hart Jr. on drums.

Track Listing

1 Maiden Voyage 11’04 Listen

2 Watermelon Man 8’33 Listen

3 Actual Proof 5’38 Listen

4 Speak like a Child 10’05 Listen

5 The Ingenious Catalyst 7’43 Listen

6 Role Model 7’11 Listen

7 Butterfly 8’29 Listen

8 Driftin’ 8’48 Listen

9 Yesterdays 9’42 Listen