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Featuring Don on tenor sax, flute and alto flute, Dave Stryker on guitar, Kyle Koehler on Hammond organ, and Cecil Brooks III on drums.

Special Guests: Claudio Roditi on trumpet and Sherman Irby on alto sax.

Track Listing

(Compositions by Don Braden except as noted:)

1. Luminosity (aka Frist Steps) 6:19
2. Jive Turkey (aka West Side) 5:55
3. Bud Powell (by Chick Corea) 4:54
4. Do Love Me Do 7:21
5. The Time We Shared 5:32
6. I Could Write a Book (by Rogers & Hart) 5:19
7. Chelsea Bridge (by Billy Strayhorn) 6:22
8. Walkin’ the Walk 6:17
9. A Whole New World (by Alan Menkin and Timothy Rice) 5:44
10. Driftin’ (by Herbie Hancock) 6:16


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“The music on Luminosity is intended to express my optimistic, go-out-and-get-it-done point of view,” says Don Braden, “and, I hope, to enhance similar feelings in the listener. I believe the power of the jazz language and style is based on the energy, intelligence, resourcefulness and soulfulness of the Africans and African-Americans who withstood American slavery and the many challenges of life after slavery. Over decades, jazz has evolved marvelously to be embraced by people of all nations and races. It embodies freedom, fosters creativity, demonstrates intellect, symbolizes democracy and inspires motion and emotion, all while it entertains. It is a fantastic music style for conveying luminosity.”

That lifelong love of music oozes from every note, from every phrase, on Luminosity, the new recording featuring Don Braden and his Organix Quartet (release date September 15, 2015, from Creative Perspective Music). The group includes Hammond organist Kyle Koehler, guitarist Dave Stryker and drummer Cecil Brooks III, with Braden playing tenor sax, flute and alto flute. Joining the quartet as special guests are Claudio Roditi, blowing trumpet on the Rodgers and Hart standard “I Could Write a Book,” and Sherman Irby, who contributes alto saxophone to the album finale, the Herbie Hancock-composed “Driftin’.”

What People Are Saying


“The 10-track program, an equal mix of originals and covers, brims with good vibrations, and Braden’s playing exudes positive energy, which is evident in his warm, glowing tone.”

Brian Zimmerman (


“The music jumps from the get-go, with Stryker diving right into a brief spin at the start of “Luminosity (First Steps),” its melody hinting at “Giant Steps.” Braden then gets his first showcase spot, plunging his gritty but clean-sounding tenor into a long, pirouetting improvisation before handing the solo space to Koehler, Stryker and Brooks… fully satisfying”

Philip Booth (

“Don Braden creates accessible music built atop the pillars of wit, honesty, swing, and heart, [and the Organix Quartet] delivers music that alternately cooks, calms, struts, and soars.”

Dan Bilawsky (


“Luminosity oozes with Braden’s trademark saxophone/flute virtuosity and compositional integrity.”

Paula Edelstein (