Jazz Seminars

Jazz Seminars

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Saxophone Master Class

This class focuses on the physical elements of jazz saxophone performance. Braden will demonstrate proper posture, good breathing techniques, sound production, pitch control, embouchure, and mouthpiece positioning. Discussion will also include elements specific to saxophones, including reeds, mouthpieces, ligatures, neckstraps, and general maintenance. Students’ performances will be critiqued.

Don Braden Quartet Master Class

Members of the Don Braden Quartet will demonstrate various improvisational techniques and discuss band interaction, rehearsal, and cueing. They will also demonstrate and comment on their respective instruments.

Techniques of Improvisation: Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced

This series outlines the tools of jazz improvisation for various levels and includes rhythm (swing!), melody, chords, and scales. Special emphasis is placed on developing piano skills, and basic piano voicings. Advanced students will learn to enhance their command of extended harmony, theme and variation, jazz phrasing and odd metric groupings.

The Business of Music — Where’s the Money?

Successful strategies for earning your keep through music.

Personal Finance for Working Musicians

Topics include long-term investing, insurance, tax management, and suggestion for avoiding or eliminating debt.

Take Excellent Care: Health and Fitness for Jazz Musicians

Learn how to play your best for the long term by staying strong and healthy.

Priorities for Practice

Ideas for designing your daily practice routines for maximum effectiveness

Practical Scale Practice

Practice scale most effectively for jazz by developing good habits.

Don can also provide workshops of various lengths on any of these topics:

– How to Listen to Jazz
– How to Learn and Memorize Songs
– Mastering the ii- V7 I
– Piano for non-pianists
…and much more!