Chemistry CD


The second recording of the Trio of Liberty.

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Featuring Joris on acoustic bass, Don on tenor sax & flute with special guests Jeff “Tain” Watts and Louis Hayes on drums.

Track Listing

1. Steepian Faith (Kenny Kirkland) 7:17
2. One Finger Snap (Herbie Hancock) 5:37
3. Steps (Don Braden) 7:45
4. Song For My Father (Horace Silver) 6:40
5. Morning (Don Braden) 5:28
6. The Optimist (Joris Teepe) 5:21
7. Dizzy’s Business (Ernie Wilkins) 3:56
8. Unit 7 (Sam Jones) 6:11

Check out the liner notes here.

Joris Teepe and Don Braden are proud to announce the release of Chemistry, a new recording featuring the amazing drummers Jeff “Tain” Watts and Louis Hayes. It is the follow-up to their critically acclaimed album Conversations (which featured stellar drummers Matt Wilson and Gene Jackson). These albums present a chordless trio concept dubbed the Trio of Liberty, with Joris and Don taking musical journeys with various remarkable drummers. Each version of the Trio of Liberty has its own “chemistry” based on the featured drummer, but always incorporates rich classic and original songs, dynamic communication, melodic improvisation, harmonic and arrangement creativity and infectious swing.

As on Conversations the trio has no limits to challenge each other with harmonic, melodic and rhythmic ideas. With two legendary personalities cooking and shaking things up on the drums Joris and Don get pushed around to the unexpected and unique zones of the ring of creativity. Tain’s energetic, unique and fresh style is a powerful force blasting them to mountaintops, while Mr. Hayes enforces deep swing through an eternity of experience.

Joris and Don have a long history of collaboration dating back to 1992. They are on some 20 CDs together, including five as co-leaders. Chemistry is their 5th CD of shared leadership after Pay As You Earn (1994), Star Eyes (Brotherhood Project – 2004), Conversations (2017) and In The Spirit Of Herbie Hancock (2020). Over the decades they have pushed and inspired one another through all kinds of other projects as well, including many tours, orchestral compositions, educational endeavors and more. They continue to have great times playing together, as is abundantly evident on Chemistry.